Incense Berkowitz is a character who appears in the Season 5 episode of Married... with Children titled "Kelly Bounces Back" played in the episode by Joanna Goode.


In the episode, Incense, like Kelly and Piper Bauman, an old modeling school classmate and Kelly's chief nemesis, auditions for a commercial for a fancy sports car called the Alante at a local car show. Bud, in hoping to score with one of the many pretty models there, tries to make a pass at her, by greeting her as she turns around, "Need some help? One good turn deserves another!" before she slaps his face!

When Miss Beck, the casting director, calls her name, "Incense Berkowitz", she corrects her by pronounce her name "In-sence"!

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Incense slaps Bud

Incense rejects Bud's advances by slapping his face in the episode "Kelly Bounces Back" in Season 5 of MWC.

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