Ida Mae Wanker is a character who appears in the Season 7 episode of Married... with Children titled "Magnificent Seven". The part of Ida Mae is played by former child actor and 1973 The Exorcist film star Linda Blair.


Ida Mae and her husband Zemus, Peg's cousin, drop off their son Seven for the Bundys to take care of under the premise that they were going to a nearby five and dime store to get some cigarettes, only not to return. In desperation, Al, who doesn't want to be saddled with another mouth to feed on a shoe salesman's salary, packs up the family and heads to Florida, where Zemus and Ida Mae had reportedly fled. Al succeeds at tracking down the pair in a trailer park, but after being shocked by their behavior, thinks to himself he would be doing wrong by exposing a child to this environment. Al returns home and lies to his family that he failed in hunting Seven's parents, and agrees (albeit reluctantly) to be Seven's guardian.

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