Not to be confused with Heidi (in Season 8).

Heidi was a beautiful, buxom Bavarian girl who asks Bud for a ride in the episode titled "Driving Mr. Boondy" in season 9. The part of Heidi was played by actress/model/artist Nicole Nagel.


When Bud, working as a driving test examiner, tests his father Al on his abilities to drive. As Al is driving Bud notices an attractive hitchhiker and tells Al to stop. The hitchhiker is Heidi who is looking for a ride to Milwaukee for Oktoberfest. Upon seeing her closer up Bud cannot but ogle at her; he starts yelling "Hooters! Hooters!" Heidi is grateful for Bud picking her up that she tells him, "I so appreciate you and your driver taking me to the can I ever repay you?" The two are later seen making out in the car. Bud stops kissing her and tells Al that he is deducting him two points for picking up a hitchhiker.

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