Heather McCoy was a character who appears in the Season 4 episode of Married... with Children titled "Episode:What Goes Around Comes Around". The part of Heather is played in the episode by Tiffani-Amber Thiessen.


Heather was a girl who Bud liked in 6th grade but instead of reciprocating his feelings, she humiliated him. Heather took him skinny dipping, only to then steal his underwear and hang it up on a flagpole, which, 5 years later, the students still remind him about.

Now that they are in high school, he plots his revenge against her by first getting her attention and make her fall for him and then in the second phase, dance with her and placing her near the large floor vent where a strategically timed gust at 10pm will blow her dress up for everyone to see. Unfortunately, his plan backfires as she tricks his feelings and takes advantage of him, by proposing they go skinny dipping just before 10pm to make up for that incident in the sixth grade. As the MVP for Polk High is announced, the curtain is pulled back to reveal that Bud is now naked and his underwear is hanging up above as Heather, her friends and the entire school laugh at him.

After Kelly helps Bud get his clothes back, she reassures him that everyone in school will forget about that night, as she decided to get revenge by tying Heather up to a locker with only a towel covering her that is being held by Buck! Kelly then calls Buck over, who pulls the towel off as the students come out of class.

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