Gino, a gigantic mob goon, appeared in the season 10 two part episodes "The Hood, The Bud and The Kelly: Part 1" and "The Hood, the Bud and the Kelly: Part 2". The part of Gino is played in the episodes by veteran character actor and former NBC-TV sitcom series Night Court co-star Richard Moll.

About GinoEdit

Gino, a hired goon sent to ensure that Bud finishes his exercise video on time, after he took out a private loan from Vito Capone. He gladly reminds Bud that if he doesn't finish by 5 pm, he's going to kill Bud and then sell his body parts online, as the mafia believes in recycling body parts. He then pulls out a Powerbook and starting sorting through potential buyers, while Bud desperately tries to get Kelly and Raphael to work together.

After finding out that Bud accidentally recorded a private conversation between him and another of Vito's goons, he is about to kill Bud along with everyone else in the room before being stopped and arrested by the undercover cops posing as dancers.

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