Gary Paterson is a character who appeared in the Season 1 episode of Married... with Children titled "Where's the Boss?". The part of Gary Paterson is played in the episode by Geoffrey Scott.


In the first and only appearance of the character of Gary (as a man), a buddy of Al's in the episode "Where's the Boss?", Gary is bribed by Al to pose as his boss at Gary's Shoes & Accessories for Today's Woman, where he works. However, at the end of the episode, it is shown he is not really the owner of the shoe store, but rather a friend of Al's pretending to be the store's wealthy playboy owner. When Gary drops by, it impresses Peg and the family as well as the other workers and store owner acquaintances at the New Market Mall, who couldn't believe that Al was actually acquainted with the shoe store's owner!

Al paying off buddy Gary

Al paying off his buddy Gary to pose as his boss to his family and co-workers in the New Market Mall.

When the handsome looking Gary arrives, he claims that he wanted to meet Al and "just shake his hand" as he then gives Al a compliment for how he was running the business, kisses Peg's hand, and says he'd like to say that "one day" he'd "like to have him on his yacht...Of course, I won't!" and that "the next lovely woman he bedded down would be dedicated to him!"

Unknown to all the he manages to dupe, Al, at episode's end, in winning a bet which would have required him to quit his job at the shoe store, after he, after hearing a report that his boss Gary had died, (which was a hoax concocted by those who work at the mall with him) and after he then sent a bouquet of flowers to the owner's family, and not getting answered back, is seen paying off the fake "Gary", who is actually a buddy of his, as he was pretending to show him around the store, going in the back of the store, for posing as his boss! When Al thanks Gary for duping everyone in paying him the $50 he promised him, in saying "They really thought you were Gary!" Gary answers "Ive got alimony...I'll be anybody!"

Although mentioned throughout the series, it was not until Season 9 that the actual owner of the shoe store, a wealthy businesswoman also named "Gary" appears (played by Janet Carroll).

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