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The term French is used to refer to anything that comes from France, and is notable to be the source of an intense hatred by Al Bundy. Al has claimed that this is because "They won't let us fly our planes over their country, they look down on Americans, but when there is a war they come hat in hand begging, and then calling us savage." Al also claims that feminism originated from France, and used the term French in one of his nine commandments, stating: "it is wrong to be French." (MWC: "The Legend of Ironhead Haynes") Al's hatred of the French knows practically no boundaries or borders, as in England he also rants about the enemy across the water. Another powerful example of Al's contempt for the French is when he notices instructions in the French language on a brochure and attempts to read them, he quickly stops in frustration and says "arh, more people we shoulda killed". 

Al's Francophobia is also found in his protest against the two cent beer tax, and the exclusion of wine from this financial burden.

In "Old Insurance Dodge" when Peg tries to talk to the insurance company after Al's car is stolen and stated they had the Mona Lisa painting in the car, she tells Al that France claims to own the real Mona Lisa. He gets annoyed, telling her "Ya know, its a dark day when someone will believe the French over me!"

In "A Man's Castle", when Al is forced to use a gas station restroom after Peg decorates his bathroom to look more feminine, he uses the stereotype of French being notorious cowards when telling the other guys there: "And we're Americans...and we have a right the use the best bathroom system in the free world. Are we to use a gas station bathroom like some common Rooskie? We're being driven from our homes, room by room, running like a Frenchman from a cap gun.

In "T*R*A*S*H", as Al gets ready to be deployed with his National Guard unit, he tries to get his family to pay attention to him, saying "Hey, will someone pay attention here? They're having me go out to fight horrible people...probably the French!"

In "Breaking Up Is Easy To Do, Part 1", as Al talks to Peg about not wanting to go to marriage counseling, he gets up and tells her "Because if you knew me, Peg, you'd know there are certain things I do not do: I do not floss. I do not eat vegetables. I do not like French pastries. I do not like the French!"

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