Wikia MWC - Mr. Foodie

Mr. Foodie, the store manager

"Foodie's, we're a store with food, and heart" - Foodie's Jingle

Foodie's (aka Foodie's Supermarket) is a supermarket in the city of Chicago, somewhere close to the neighborhood where the D'Arcys and Bundys reside. Foodie's has at least twelve aisles, and has been in operation for at least two years prior to season five, as Marcy D'Arcy mentions to Mr. Foodie that she had been a customer for years</ref>, giving out preferred customer cards to customers of good standing. The store was run by a manager who introduced himself as Mr. Foodie. The retail outlet, much like many other locations in Chicago, refused to take checks from Al Bundy, as he was well known for writing bad checks. Foodie's also held a contest between the D'Arcys and the Bundys for the one millionth customer shopping spree, after Al, Peggy, Kelly and Bud cut in front of Marcy, and were declared the one millionth customer after their purchase of a pack of gum. (MWC: "You Better Shop Around, Part II", "You Better Shop Around, Part II") Regulation Foodie's carts were also known to be extremely wobbly, to the point where the operator would be violently shaken and the cart noisily bouncing around. (MWC: "You Better Shop Around, Part II")



Background InformationEdit

Wikia MWC - Marcie singing Foodie&#039;s jingle

Marcy singing the Foodie's jingle


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