Eugene Bundy is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 5 episode of  Married... with Children titled "And Baby Makes Money". The part of Eugene is played in the episode by Charlie Brill.


A former bank manager and cousin of Al's who's serving time in prison for embezzlement of funds, Eugene is in prison as the "And Baby Makes Money" episode begins. He is however, let out to hear the reading of their Uncle Stymie's will. When the other Bundys start making out with their wives when they learn the full estate goes to whomever bears a son named Stymie C. Bundy II, Eugene also looks over only to see a policeman with a shotgun aimed at his head, and sheepishly laughs to himself he is not married.

Eugene, in fact, becomes the winner of the competition as the will sets in motion, to have a Bundy baby in wedlock named Stymie, in order to inherit $500,000. His new wife, who happens to be Miss Penza, who is the lawyer who informed all of the surviving Bundy relatives of Uncle Stymie's passing and his inheritance in the first place.

When Eugene asks Miss Penza, "will you wait for me", as he is about to being returned to prison to serve out the remaining six years of his sentence, with prison guard in tow, Miss Penza, who seems to have an arrangement with his prison guard, warns Eugene "not to get shot while trying to escape."

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