Eric "Nine Toes" Waters is a character who appears in the season 10 episode "Blond and Blonder". The part of Nine Toes is played by future, now present feature film star actor Casper Van Dien.


Eric was a "class nerd" back in high school who had a crush on Kelly, but lost interest in her on New Year's Eve, when she stood him up at Hancock Tower after agreeing to meet him there. Eric, who used to get teased and rejected and poked fun at by Kelly and her girlfriends in high school, would appear at the 5 year anniversary Polk High class reunion, where it was revealed that he now had 10 million dollars. Kelly, still thinking that good looks and sports equal success, cannot figure out how Eric's apititude for science, technology and business earned him this financial windfall. Kelly and her friend Ashley try to seduce Eric now that he is handsome and rich. Unfortunately for Kelly, Eric also has a sharp memory, and remembers her ditching him, and moreover, that she has not changed since her time in high school. Eric is also friends with Bud, and they both enjoy seeing how shallow the girls are in clamoring over him for his money.


  • It was revealed that in school Eric was a member of both the Computer Club and Future Businessmen of America, and was his high school class Valedictorian.
  • Eric is shown to be immune to both Kelly and Ashley's moves when they tried to get his attention.
  • Eric is a good friend of Bud.

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