You Better Watch Out is the 13th episode of season 2 of Married... with Children, also the 26th overall episode in the series. Directed by Linda Day, and written by Katherine Green and Richard Gurman, the episode premiered on FOX on December 20, 1987.


A Christmas stunt at Chicago's Lakeside Mall goes awry when the man playing Santa crash-lands on the Bundys' yard and dies. Al must deal with the crowd of kids who still believe in Santa Claus. Michael Faustino guests.

Episode summaryEdit

The Christmas episode of season two, number thirteen, this year finds Al being financially squeezed by a new rival, the Lakeside Mall. Due to a reduction in business, Al is looking at a holiday season with no bonus to buy presents. Then, the Lakeside Santa crash lands in the Bundys' backyard.

Guest Stars/Recurring castEdit


  • Before the beginning of the episode, a warning is shown on-screen: "The following depicts a Bundy Christmas. It could be upsetting to small children and others. Parental guidance is suggested."
  • Nestor, one of the neighborhood kids asking about Santa, is played by Michael Faustino, the younger brother of David Faustino.
  • Carl, another neighborhood kid asking about Santa, is played by Edan Gross, who would later play a young Al Bundy in season 3's He Thought He Could
  • After Santa lands in the Bundy's back yard, Ed O'Neill can be seen trying his best not to break character and laugh.
  • Mike Hagerty, who plays the coroner in this episode, would later appear with Ed O'Neill again in the 1992 comedy film, Wayne's World


  • When the mall Santa lands in the Bundys' back yard, everybody looks toward the backyard, and when Al looks forward, he is almost about to laugh at this serious moment. Ed O'Neill admitted that it was hard for him to contain his laughter in that scene.
  • Near the end of the episode, Buck is shown playing with one of Santa's shoes. When he lays downs and then rolls around, you can see the snow lift and move, indicating he is laying on a thick white carpet.

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