Whose Room Is It Anyway was the fourth episode of season 1 of the FOX series Married... with Children, as well as the 4th overall episode. Written by Marcy Vosburgh & Sandy Sprung, the episode was directed by Zane Buzby. It first aired on FOX on April 26, 1987.


The men and women draw up battle lines in episode four of season one, as the debate hots up as to whether a new room at the Rhoades' should be a game room for Steve and Al, or an exercise room for Marcy and Peg.

Episode summaryEdit

Steve and Marcy plan to add a new room onto their house using their tax refund money. Al convinces Steve to make it into a billiards room while Peggy convinces Marcy to make it into an exercise room, which leads to an hilarious all-out battle of the sexes to see who will win.

Guest stars/Recurring castEdit


  • In this episode Al's dislike for the French people is showed for the first time
  • The episode name is a spoof of the Drew Carey comedy, "Who's line is it anyway", although that show didn't air until 1998, one year after the series ended.

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