Whose Room Is It Anyway was the fourth episode of Season 1 of the FOX TV series Married... with Children, as well as the 4th overall episode. Written by Marcy Vosburgh & Sandy Sprung, the episode was directed by Zane Buzby and first aired on FOX on April 26, 1987.


Steve and Marcy plan to add a new room onto their house with their tax refund money. Al convinces Steve to make it a pool room, while Peggy and Marcy decide on an exercise room. Who will win?

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  • The episode title refers to the movie Whose Life Is It Anyway (with Richard Dreyfuss) which was originally a play.


  • This is the first time Al expresses his distaste for the French people.
  • This is the first time someone (in this case Al) is heard falling down the basement stairs.
  • This is a "bottle episode", an episode with limited cast and sets produced due to limited budget. The entire episode takes place in the Bundys' living room, with only the main cast appearing and no other characters.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Steve says "a loom with a view", referring to the movie A Room with a View.
  • Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906) was an early women's rights leader in the US.



  • Bundy Living Room/Kitchen

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