Where's the Boss? is the 12th episode of season one of Married... with Children, also the 12th overall series episode. Directed by Linda Day and written by Marcy Vosburgh and Sandy Sprung, it originally aired on FOX on June 21, 1987.


The near death of the playboy owner of Al's shoe store starts Al wondering why he's never visited the store. Feeling unappreciated Al decides to take drastic action.

Brief summaryEdit

Having worked at Gary's Shoes for many years by the time of season one's twelfth episode, Al is saddened to learn of Gary's death - and even sadder to discover Gary is still alive and doesn't know who the guy who sent flowers to his supposed funeral is. Al issues an ultimatum, he will have respect at work, or he will quit.

Recurring cast/Guest starringEdit


  • The title of the episode is taken the popular ABC-TV sitcom series Who's the Boss?, which co-starred Tony Danza, Katherine Helmond of SOAP TV series fame, and Judith Light.

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