Top of the Heap was the 20th episode of Season 5 of Married... with Children, also the landmark 100th episode of the series. Directed by Gerry Cohen, it was co-written by Ron Leavitt and Ron Silver, who would later go on to create the WB network series, Unhappily Ever After, which was based on the formula of the success of MWC. The episode originally aired on FOX, premiering on April 7, 1991.


In this special 100th episode (which only features Al Bundy in a small cameo), Al's divorced and unemployed friend Charlie Verducci (Joseph Bologna) and his dim-witted teenage son Vinnie (Matt LeBlanc), try to fit in with snobs at a high-class party where Charlie hopes that Vinnie will meet and marry a debutaune.

This is the pilot episode for the spin-off series Top of the Heap.

Episode summaryEdit

The fifth season's twentieth episode, this was the landmark centenary episode of MWC and the backdoor pilot for Top of the Heap as a spin-off. Charlie and Vinnie Verducci from "Oldies But Young 'Uns" returned, and we saw where and how they lived. In the 100th episode (which only features Al Bundy in a small cameo), Al's friend Charlie and his dimwitted son Vinnie try to fit in with snobs at a ritzy, high-class party.

Vinnie and Charlie are superintendents of a run-down apartment building. Vinnie is recovering from a boxing match that he lost the other night while fending off come-ons from their local teenage neighbor Mona Mullins. Feeling bored with their miserable lives, Charlie comes up with a "Verducci Master Plan": he and Vinnie secretly crash a formal, high society fund-raiser to meet some wealthy women for themselves hoping Vinnie will marry a débutante, while Charlie himself fends off come-ons from a rather large rich woman. They also visit Al at  Gary's Shoes to exchange some facts of life about women, where Al is revealed to have lost his TV set in a bet due to Vinnie's poor boxing ability.

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  • This episode was the pilot for the spin-off series Top of the Heap (1991).
  • In this episode, in addition to Ron Levavitt and Michael G. Moye, Arthur Silver was credited as another executive producer in the intro. Ths made the animated "EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS" split into unanimated "EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS" and "EXECUTIVE PRODUCER".

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