The Bald and the Beautiful is the sixth episode of season 3 of Married... with Children, also the 41st overall episode in the series. Directed by John Sgueglia, and written by Jules Dennis & Richard Mueller, the episode premiered on FOX on January 8, 1989.


Steve thinks he's going bald after he finds a newspaper clipping for an anti-baldness cure given to him by Marcy. He therefore joins a club for bald and balding men, taking Al with him.

Episode summaryEdit

In this episode a hair crisis is on. Desperate, Al and Steve put their heads together seeking solutions to impending baldness when Steve begins to notice his receding hairline, whereas Al doesn't care at all. After unsuccessfully trying some hair tonic for themselves, Steve joins a club for bald men called Bald American Dudes (BAD) and brings Al along with him. They hold their latest meeting at the shoe store. Steve fears he is losing his hair, and convinces Al that the same thing is happening to him. They attempt to reverse the condition with snake oil products, and later attend a support group meeting for bald men. The two learn the hard way that sometimes products are not as good as the commercial says, and Al decides that, comparatively at least, neither of them is bald.

Recurring cast/Guest starsEdit


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