Sixteen Years and What Do You Get was the sixth episode of season 1 of the FOX series Married... with Children, as well as the 6th overall episode. Written by Richard Gurman & Katherine Green, the episode was directed by Linda Day. It first aired on FOX on May 3, 1987.


Al is unable to purchase a gift for Peg on their 16th wedding anniversary and later learns that his credit card was maxed out by Peg and Kelly, who used it to buy gifts for him and pay for their catered dinner and entertainment. Richard Sanders of WKRP in Cincinnati TV series fame guest stars as Mr. Conner.

Episode summaryEdit

The Bundys' sixteenth wedding anniversary suddenly falls upon them, but Al's last minute present shopping is stopped dead when his card is rejected, and he later discovers that Peg and Kelly maxed it out buying his present - and a few little knick-knacks for themselves. Despite their agreement not to exchange gifts for their 16th wedding anniversary, Al secretly goes gift hunting anyway to buy Peggy a new wristwatch. When Al's credit card is rejected for being over its limit, he returns home to find that Peggy, Kelly, Bud, the Rhoades and even Luke had bought gifts for him and Peggy... using his credit card!


  • The episode's title is a play on the lyrics of Tennessee Ernie Ford's country song "Sixteen Tons", which states,
  • "You load sixteen tons, what do you get Another day older and deeper in debt--
  • "Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go-- I owe my soul to the company store..."
  • Al & Peggy call the song "War" by Edwin Starr "their" song.
  • We can see Peggy's car with the license plate Illinois F3B359. That license plate reappears on the Mustang in Al's dream in "Have You Driven A Ford Lately".

Recurring cast/Guest starsEdit

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