Requiem for a Dead Barber is the eighth episode of season 3 of Married... with Children, also the 44th overall episode in the series. Directed by James E. Hornbeck, and written by series creators Ron Leavitt and Michael G. Moye, the episode premiered on FOX on February 12, 1989.


Al is completely devastated when his favorite barber dies, prompting him to go to a salon and risk losing his masculinity.

Episode summaryEdit

Al is devastated when Tony, his barber, dies. Al then realizes barbershops are a dying business, being replaced by hair salons. After several months of no luck, a long-haired Al is fed up with looking like an old-time hippie and capitulates by going to a hair salon. However, the beauticians have no idea of how to cut men's hair and Al comes home with a perm! Al's blue-collar friends, who were also customers of Tony's, are in the same boat. During one get-together for poker the men cannot do their usual activities as they are too concerned about their hairdos. Al, grasping what little grip on masculinity and reality he has left, rallies the men to regain their manhood. First, he says they will find a fire hydrant, dunk their heads in water and "wash the gay away". Second, they will spare no expense in finding a new barber.

Meanwhile, Peg attempts to take out a million dollar insurance policy on Al's life without telling him. The subplot ends with the main plot when Peg says that the insurance agency did a background check on Al. Realizing he works as a shoe salesman, he was considered a risk due to the high suicide rates in that career, and his policy was revoked. Al comes home in a good mood though, with his usual hairstyle. He says Tony's father is still alive, even though he is 97 years of age, and half-blind.

Recurring cast/Guest starsEdit


  • Al makes a remark about how he likes pinball and hates that video arcades have taken over old-time nickelodeons. 20 years after this episode aired, Ed O'Neill starred in the popular Disney film Wreck-It Ralph, voicing a character named Mr. Litwak, who owned and managed a video arcade.
  • This episode marks the second and final appearance of Al's friend, Russ and the only appearance of Al's friend, Louie.
  • Al mentions that he was able to find Tony's father in Cicero. Cicero is a suburb of Chicago, located in Cook County.
  • This episode was nominated for Outstanding Editing for a Series (Multi-Camera Production), Larry Harris (Editor) at the 1989 Emmy Awards,


  • Al asks Bud's help with chopping up Buck's doghouse for firewood, but the Bundys don't have a fireplace.

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