Requiem For a Chevyweight (Part II) is the fifth episode of Season 11, the second part of the two parter involving Al's car, and the 240th overall episode of Married... with Children.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Al buries the Dodge in the backyard and has a funeral for it (complete with his buddy Ike playing the bagpipes) and leases a new sports car, the Testica 2000. However, the car is overly responsive, leaving Al on the roof when he tries to shut it off. Meanwhile, Peg, Kelly and Bud dig up the Dodge so they can sell the engine to a collector for $10,000, but ex-CIA operative Jefferson makes a quick trip to Cuba to ask a favor of his old nemesis, Fidel Castro: since there are so many old cars there due to the trade embargo, maybe one of them has a fuel pump that might fit in the Dodge. As it turns out, the fuel pump works, and so the car survives for another day, leaving the three without an engine to sell.


Jefferson and Castro, old working together.

Recurring CastEdit

Guest CastEdit


  • Jefferson goes to Cuba and gets a fuel pump for Al's Dodge. However, the trade embargo with Cuba went into effect in February 1962. Al drives a 1974 Dodge Dart, so the Cubans shouldn't have any post-1962 auto parts.
  • When Al "returns" the Testica to Cal, he watches out of the car window, but when he drives through the window of the shop in the next shot, the car window is up again.
  • Al buries the Dodge in the backyard while someone plays "Amazing Grace" on the bagpipes; the piper is obviously not playing as his hands never move.

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