Peggy Sue Got Work is the ninth episode of season one of Married... With Children, also the 9th overall series episode. Directed by Ellel L. Fogel and co-written by Linda Day, it originally aired on FOX on May 31, 1987.


Peg takes a job at a clock store at the mall when Al won't buy her a VCR to earn on her own. Both Peg and Al are unhappy with the situation and pay their kids to suggest that Peg should quit.

Full episode summaryEdit

The ninth episode of the first season has Peg taking a job in a clock store, after Al refuses to buy a VCR for her, which takes the "fun" out of the Bundy marriage as a result of her absence, and Kelly and Bud getting stuck with Al for the evenings. The arrangement doesn't suit anyone, and both parents separately bribe the kids to be loud about their unhappiness with the situation.

Marcy, who hatched the idea that Peg get a job, thinks it's really a "good idea", in that she thinks that it would help Peg be more independent, and not so reliant on the shoe-salesman Al for spending money. That concept is quite to the chagrin of bon-bon eating, TV daytime show watching Peggy, who initially thinks that it's a very bad idea! The reasoning behind Peg to get a VCR is because she wants to watch Oprah and tape Phil Donaue. In her mind, Peg is not made to work and that's why she got married to lounge around all day and watch television. It's up to Al and the family to convince Peggy to quit her job or lose it. Al, initlally estatic that somebody else was bringing in the income to help cut costs around the house, becomes perturbed at Peg's new found independence, in that, while things were already bad enough concerning Peg's lackadasical attitude towards housework and cooking, they go from bad to worse with her absence from the house in the daytime, as well as a new rivalry over who's bringing home the bacon. as well as wearing the pants, in the Bundy household!


  • The title is a play on the Buddy Holly song, "Peggy Sue Got Married", which was the inspiration for film of the previous year (1986) with the same name and starring Katheen Turner and Nicolas Cage. It was a largely Coppola family project, as Cage is Francis Ford's nephew, and FF directed and put his daughter Sofia in the cast.
  • Ernie Sabella had previously worked with David Garrison on the Leavitt/Moye created "It's Your Move" starring Jason Bateman.
  • First time when Peggy got a job.

Recurring cast/Guest starsEdit

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