No Pot To Pease In was the 192nd overall series episode of Married... with Children also the 9th episode of Season 9 of the series. Directed by Gerry Cohen and written by John Glenn Houston, the episode originally aired on FOX-TV on November 6, 1994.


When Kelly auditions for a part in a Fox network sitcom she happens to mention some stories about her family which the producer likes better then the original script.


In this self-referential episode, Kelly pitches her family's and neighbors' quirks and vices as a new premise for a Fox sitcom. After seeing it, everyone (except Al, who is the only one who enjoys the sitcom) protests that the producers copied their lifestyles. The Bundys go to the show's studio in Los Angeles to attempt to get it off the air, and possibly file a lawsuit over the show copying everything about the Bundys from their home, Al's job in a women's shoestore, Kelly's blonde airheaded demeanor, and Bud, down to Peg's red coiffure!

No pot to pease in

The end scene featuring both the cast of MWC and "Peas in a Pod" together

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  • The title of this episode is a reference to the saying "No Pot to Piss In" which means to not have anything of value.
  • During the end credits, a picture of the cast from both "Married...With Children" and "Peas in a Pod" are shown together in the Bundy living room.
  • The FOX executive Ron Michaels is named after the series' creators, Ron Leavitt and Michael G. Moye.
  • J.J. Johnston, who previously appeared on MWC as "Louie" in season 8's Luck of the Bundys plays the security guard at the studio.
  • When Marcy comes in and announces that "Pease in a Pot" has been cancelled because "...some woman in Michigan didn't like it", it is a reference to Terry Rakolta and the Rakolta Boycott
  • When Peg starts showing off her TV Guide collectors plates, one of them features Tina Yothers, an actress best known for her role on the 80s TV show "Family Ties". She would later appear as herself on MWC in season 11's Kelly's Gotta Habit
  • Al fears that the show "Peas in a Pot" will be taken off the air and replaced with a show by Don Rickles. During the 1993 TV season, Married with Children was followed by the show "Daddy Dearest", starring Richard Lewis and Don Rickles, which lasted for 11 episodes.

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