Married...without Children was the seventh episode of season 1 of the FOX series Married... with Children, as well as the 7th overall episode. Written by Ralph R. Farquhar, the episode was directed by Linda Day. It first aired on FOX on May 17, 1987.


Al and Peg decide to go on vacation. They ask Steve and Marcy to take care of their kids, Bud and Kelly. They don't get along, as Bud and Kelly throw a huge party at the Rhoades's house, irking Steve and Marcy. Meanwhile, Al and Peg have a better-than-expected time on their vaction.

Episode summaryEdit

When Al and Peggy want a romantic weekend away together, or at least a weekend away from the kids, Marcy sees an opportunity for Steve and herself to provide a positive, creative influence, and prove to themselves that they are ready to be parents. However, Steve and Marcy both decide that once is enough after watching over Kelly, Bud, and the family dog Buck, after Al and Peggy go away for the weekend to a seedy motel in Wisconsin where all that Al wants to watch a boxing match on the cable TV system.

Recurring cast/Guest starsEdit


  • Liane Curtis and Gunther Jenson who played boyfriend and girlfriend on this episode, guest starred 6 years later on the same TV series "The Threat Matrix" (1993), not together but in different episodes, Liane on 'Veteran's Day' as a waitress and Gunther on 'Cold Cash' as Melvin Pomeroy. While Liane Curtis has continued appearing in films and on TV up until now, that was Gunther Jenson's last known appearance in anything.

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