Live Nude Peg is the 17th episode of season 11 of Married... with Children and the 252nd overall series episode. Directed by Amanda Bearse and written by Matthew Berry & Eric Abrams, it premiered on FOX-TV on March 10, 1997.


Al and his "NO MA'AM" boys enjoy an amateur night at the nudie bar, where Al becomes infatuated with a disguised Peggy.

Plot SummaryEdit

Peggy, jealous that Al is spending all his time at The Jiggly Room, decides to try out on amateur night while Al and the No Ma'am boys judge it. She wins the competition dressed as a harem girl named Jasmine, wearing a veil over her face. Al is turned on like never before, and he and Peggy have their best sex ever. Meanwhile Bud forces Kelly to gain weight for a weight-loss commercial, which ends up going all to her ass.

Recurring Cast/RegularsEdit

Guest StarsEdit


  • The episode title is inspired by the movie "Live Nude Girls".

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