Kelly's Gotta Habit is the third episode of Season 11, and the 238th overall episode of Married... with Children.

Plot SynopsisEdit

In order to get a $20,000 contract of a model for a national olive oil brand, Kelly has to sign a Morals Clause, which requires that she remain chaste. This proves to be a difficult task, until she learns some tips from Peggy. Meanwhile, Al hears that Officer Dan is appearing in Al's favorite TV show Cops and blackmails him to become his partner.

Recurring CastEdit

Guest CastEdit


  • This originally aired as a cross-over from the Fox reality series "Cops" with Al and Jefferson watching the end credits to the show airing before "Married with Children" and making references to events in that show's episode.
  • While sitting in the car, Al grabs the speaker and says "Car 54, where are you?" a reference to the NBC sitcom of the same name than ran from 1961 to 1963 that focused on the life of 2 cops from the Bronx.
  • When Bud and Sister Benedicta sort through other head shots, she rips up the one featuring Tina Yothers and Bud claims she was the best thing on Family Ties. Both David Faustino and Christina Applegate appeared on that show in the early to mid 1980s, while Tina Yothers would later appear as herself at the epilogue of this episode.


  • When Peg says she just finished her painting, its obvious that its a brand new paintbrush that had not even been used yet.
  • When Al accidentally fires off the shotgun in the squad car, it ends up going through the roof of the car and killing a spotted owl, Yet, when the car is shown later in a wider shot, there is no visible damage to the roof.

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