Just Married...with Children is the 20th episode of season 2 of Married... with Children, also the 33rd overall episode in the series. Directed by Linda Day, and written by Ellen L. Fogle, the episode premiered on FOX on March 6, 1988.


Al and Peg pose as Steve and Marcy Rhoades to get on a sadistic game show called :How Do I Love Thee?", but find themselves facing off against Steve and Marcy (who are on the game show themselves as Al and Peg Bundy).

Episode summaryEdit

While secretly going through Steve and Marcy's mail, Al and Peggy fill out an application to a TV game show called "How Do I Love Thee?", where the objective is a Bundy natural: surviving physical torture from one's spouse! Al and Peggy appear on the show pretending to be Steve and Marcy so that they possibly easily win many prizes. But, when Steve and Marcy find out, they appear at the end of the show pretending to be Al and Peggy, and the husband that survives the most torture in an electric chair wins a new car! Ed O'Neill's real-life wife Catherine Rusoff appears as Mona Squab of the Squabs, who the Bundys are pitted against at the beginning of the show!

Recurring cast/Guest starsEdit


  • As revealed in this episode, Steve and Marcy have been married for thirteen months, and Peggy and Al for sixteen years.
  • Geoff Pierson, who plays Roland Squab, would later play Jack Malloy, a character very similar to Al Bundy, on the WB sitcom, Unhappily Ever After, which was created by MWC co-creator, Ron Leavitt
  • Catherine Rusoff, who plays Mona Squab in this episode, is the real life wife of Ed O'Neill.
  • Bink Winkleman is an obvious parody of Wink Martindale, the host of Gambit, a gameshow that ran from 1972 to 1976 on CBS.

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