Johnny B. Gone is the 13th episode of season one of Married... With Children, also the 13th overall series episode and the Season 1 finale. Directed by Linda Day and written by Kathering Green and Richard Gurman, it originally aired on FOX on June 28, 1987.


The closure of Al's favorite burger joint sets the clock ticking in the final (thirteenth) episode of the first season, but he and Peg can't make it there until they solve Bud and Kelly's problem, and deal with Marcy, who is trying to impress her bosses and using the Bundys' fridge for storage.


Personal problems and crises delay Al and Peggy's departure to the going out of business party of their favorite hamburger joint, "Johnny Be Goods," which range from Kelly being stood up from going to a party, Bud wanting to finish a remote-controlled car for a model car festival, to Marcy stranded at the Bundy's -- wearing only a towel after staining her dress!

Recurring castEdit


  • The titles name is a reference to Chuck Berry's 1958 classic rock n' roll song "Johnny B. Goode."
  • This is a "bottle episode", an episode with limited cast and sets produced due to limited budget. The entire episode takes place in the Bundy's living room, with only the main cast appearing and no other characters (save for some voices heard on the radio).
  • Al calls Marcy a "chicken" for the first time.

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