It's a Bundyful Life (Parts 1 & 2) are the 11th and 12th episodes of Married... with Children, also the 68th and 69th overall episodes of the series. Who'll Stop The Rain, produced before the two-parter, aired afterwards. Directed by Gerry Cohen, they are written by series creators Michael G. Moye & Ron Leavitt. The episodes both originally aired on FOX on December 17, 1989.

Episode summaryEdit

In It's a Bundyful Life Parts I and II, Sam Kinison guest stars as Al's Guardian Angel, sent to give Al a vision of how things would have been with his family had he never been born; this was the Bundys' simultaneous homage to and parody of the Frank Capra film classic, and included a number of moments which have proved to be fan favorites. The eleventh episode of the fourth season, it offered such gems as the Whoa Jablonsky!, a French speaking Kelly and ladies' man (for real) Bud. Ted McGinley, who would later appear on the series as Jefferson D'Arcy, made his first appearance as Norman Jablonsky, the husband of Peg in place of the unborn Al.

In Part I, On Christmas Eve, Al plans the best Bundy Christmas by withdrawing money from his secret savings account to buy the selfish and ungrateful Peggy and the kids presents. When Al can't get to Marcy's bank on time, he tries a ill-fated cash motivated plan for a day care center which leaves him sad and alone with no money

In Part II, Al Bundy gets fed up with how his family treats him, and he wishes he was never born while trying to repair Christmas lights with a pocket knife. Just as he finishes uttering those words, he is electrocuted. His guardian angel arrives to face the ungrateful man and shows him what life would be like without him. Peggy is married to a wealthy socialite named Norman Jablonsky and is a wonderful mother and housewife. Kelly is a college student genius and child prodigy in French and writing. Bud is not a dysfunctional nerd, but a ladies man and also a genius. Norman reveals that he's planning to buy a mansion for all of them to live in. Then he shows Al, where Marcy lives. She is still married to Steve and has three children. Unlike the perfect Jablonsky family, she has developed Peg-like manners when she refuses to cook and clean for him, causing him to inherit Al-like manners. He's very miserable and works in a shoe store. This finally give the misanthropic Al a clue, that in wishing he was never born, not only are Peg, Bud and Kelly are happy, but Marcy and Steve are miserable. He decides he wants to get back at them for having such a happy life without him!

Recurring cast/guest starsEdit


  • Sam Kinison, the one-time preacher turned stand-up comedian who plays Al's guardian angel, sadly died in an automobile accident in April, 1992, about 18 months after giving this performance, aged 38.
  • The episode borrowed heavily from Frank Capra's 1946 classic "It's a Wonderful Life".
  • Fox re-aired this episode on December 15, 2003, making it a rare occurrence in which a classic TV show re-aired on its parent network after being canceled.
  • Guest star Sam Kinison was the producer's first choice to play Al Bundy but they decided against it as they figured he was too raunchy.
  • Ted McGinley first appeared on the show as "Norman Jablonsky". He would later play Jefferson D'Arcy.
  • When Al puts his feet up, he has a noticeable hole in his shoe


  • When Steve and Marcy come to the Bundys, to wish them a merry Christmas, Bud is "stealing" Marcy's wedding ring from her right hand; later when Marcy asks who has it, she looks at her right hand, where the ring supposedly was.
  • One of the partying bank employees is handing the already dead drunk Marcy another drink - but the glass has clearly not very much in it.
  • When Al gets up from lying in the snow, he brushes the snow out of his hair. When he and the angel go into the house, there's snow in his hair again.
  • There are some (minor) alternate scenes with the Angel shown in the My Favorite Married special, which show snow in Al's hair and alternate line readings from the scenes shown.