I'm Going to Sweatland is the second episode of season 3 of Married... with Children, also the 37th overall episode in the series. Directed by Gerry Cohen, and written by Pamela Wick & Susan Cridland & Carl Studebaker, the episode premiered on FOX on September 20, 1988.


Peg becomes completely obsessed with Elvis Presley when she sees a man who looks like The King at the mall, and sees his image in a sweat stain on one of Al's shirts.

Episode summaryEdit

In this episode, Peg develops another of her sure-fire, get-rich-quick schemes in the second episode of the fourth season. She believes she sees "The King" at the mall, and 'discovers' that Al has sweated a 'perfect' silhouette of Elvis onto a shirt. Other Elvis fans begin to make pilgrimages to the Bundy home, and Peg finally has the attention, and money, she craves.

Recurring cast/Guest starsEdit


  • This is a parody of the frequently heard "I'm going to Graceland" or "I'm going to Disney world"
  • Peggy mentions Youngstown, Ohio. This is Ed O'Neill's hometown.
  • Katey Sagal met Elvis in real life as her father Boris Sagal directed a movie ("Girl Happy") with Elvis.

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