Get Outta Dodge is the 18th episode of season 8 of Married... with Children, also the 175th overall series episode. Directed by Sam W. Orender and written by Mark Driscoll, it premiered on FOX-TV on February 20, 1994.


Peg forces Al to sell the Dodge and he places an ad. The Dodge Company offers a new Dodge Viper for his Dodge if he lets people film a video of the Dodge crossing the one million mile mark. Kelly tries to find Waldo, while Bud tries to make out with a girl.


When Al decides to sell his old car, the people at the Dodge Corporation inform him that if he can get his Dodge's odometer up to all 9's, the car will take part in a commercial, breaking the 1,000,000 miles and Al will be awarded a brand Dodge Viper. But can Al and his Dodge survive 24 hours until the film crew can arrive? Meanwhile, Bud sends the dim-witted Kelly out to find "Waldo" from "The Little Rascals".

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  • The title of this episode is a reference to the saying "Get the Hell outta Dodge"
  • In the original airing of the episode, two Arabs with a ticking time bomb coming to the door, telling Al to give them the keys to the Dodge and directions to the Sears tower as they have no time to haggle. The scene was removed from the US syndicated episodes of this episode, due to the September 11 attacks. The scene does appear fully intact on DVD releases.
  • When Al tells the Dodge staff that Peg hated the Dodge, he says that "She shot the Dodge, but she didn't shoot the Deputy", a reference to the Bob Marley song "I Shot The Sheriff"
  • Kelly is constantly holding a "Where's Waldo" book throughout the episode.


  • When Bill Ellis presents the new Dodge Viper to Al and Peg, a microphone can be clearly seen above Al's head.
  • When the alarm clock in Al's garage goes off at "6:00 AM," he presses the button to stop its buzzing almost immediately after it starts. After he takes his finger off the button, the clock almost immediately, changes to 6:01.
  • Al's Dodge manages to travel a million miles and the odometer reads 000000.0, which will get Al a free Dodge. It rolls to the end of the driveway and Peg says the odometer now reads 000000.9 so they no longer get the free car. The Bundy's driveway is not nine-tenths of a mile long.

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