For Whom the Bell Tolls is the seventh episode of Season 2 of Married... with Children, also the 20th overall series episode. Directed by Linda Day and written by Richard Gurman and Katherine Green, it originally aired on FOX on October 25, 1987.


The Bundys struggle with not having phone service after Al refuses to pay for a phone call to Canada. Al is also furious about the crime light installed in the neighborhood which shines on his face at night!

Episode summaryEdit

Season 1's eighth episode begins with Peg talking on the phone to her mother, discussing the new streetlight that has just been installed, and the shirtless workmen who installed it. Amongst the utility bills, along with a contribution to the crimelight, is a phone call to Canada which nobody in the family will own up to making.

Al gets heated up over the large phone bill and refuses to pay it, which results in the disconnection of the Bundy phone line, making him the target of hostility from Peggy, the kids and the Rhoades who now take the Bundys phone calls on their phone, especially the ones from Peggy's mother! To make matters worse, there's a streetlight that is also bothering Al which is keeping him awake every night!

Recurring cast/Guest starsEdit


  • The title is taken from the Ernest Hemingway novel of the same name.

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