Every Bundy Has a Birthday was the third episode of Season 7 of Married... with Children that aired on FOX on September 27, 1992, also the 134th overall episode in the series. The episode, directed by Gerry Cohen, was written by Richard Gurman.


The Bundys try to celebrate Seven's birthday in the park, but must face off against a snooty rich family who rented the park to have a birthday party for their son.

Short SummaryEdit

When Peggy discovers that no one knows Seven's birthday, she picks one at random, Al's. He is understandably not pleased when he has lost his birthday to the new kid. Peggy decides to have a small party for Seven's 6th birthday at a local park, but the party fizzles when a snobbish rich parent arrives brandishing a permit, and declares the park closed to the public for his own son's party. They retaliate by beating up the rich parent and his family, as the Bundy family now accepts Seven as a true Bundy.

Guest stars/Recurring castEdit

Cast regulars

Guest starringEdit

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