Calender Girl is the sixteenth episode of Season 10 of Married... with Children and the 225th overall episode. This was the first episode where Katey Sagal made only a short appearance, as a result of her pregnancy, which she would keep doing for the rest of the season.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Al has a rivalry with Floyd Babcock, who also works at the mall with Al, though his business is more successful than Al's. When Al learns that Bud has a business project and has the same class with Floyd's son, Al is determined to get Bud a higher grade than Floyd's son. Kelly inspires the two to go with a calender of Trumaine College's women by showing them the Men of USC calender. Bud has an idea for the cover of the calender, Crystal Clark. However, she is reluctant to do it, though Bud convinces her to do it on the basis that it will improve her self esteem and the calender's. She agrees to be the cover, and the calender is a success, earning an A+ for Bud. Floyd arranges an agreement with Al to market the calender to a wider audience, which could be very profitable. Crystal goes on Chicago Tonight to promote the calender.

In the interview, she admits that not only is Bud a great kisser, but that the modelling project boosted her self esteem and now, she has something important to say that Bud is convinced will be a marriage proposal, as Al and Floyd watch, awaiting the possible profits from this interview. While everyone is watching the interview at home, Bud gets down on his knees in front of the TV and says yes just before she tells the truth about who she really is: a woman who was born as a man. Al, Floyd, Griff, Jefferson and Little Floyd (who laughs at Bud) all leave Bud to himself, as Bud watches on, even after the television blares white noise hours later.

Recurring CastEdit

Guest CastEdit


  • Because of Katey Sagal's pregnancy, Peggy's character leaves Al to search for her runaway father from this point until the end of the season.

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