Build a Better Mousetrap is the 14th episode of season 2 of Married... with Children, also the 28th overall episode in the series. Directed by Linda Day, and written by Michael G. Moye, Ron Leavitt and J. Stanford Parker, the episode premiered on FOX on January 24, 1988.


A mouse is running loose in the Bundy house, prompting Peg to face her childhood fear of mice and Al to wreck the house in his attempt to catch the pest

Episode summaryEdit

An animal is once again Al's nemesis in this, the fifteenth episode of season two, when a mouse gets loose in the house, and destroys the wiring. Despite Steve and Al's best efforts, including multiple self-inflicted injuries, it seems the unwelcome guest is here to stay.

Guest Stars/Recurring castEdit


  • Bud reads a book called "Know Your Mouse" by Mike Semon. Michael Semon is Married with Children's prop master.


  • Al smacks his left thumb with a hammer trying to hit the mouse. In the next scene Peg is bandaging his right thumb.
  • Al sees the mouse in the hole in the wall. When he smacks at it with a hammer, he "hits" himself. You can clearly see that he actually misses his hand.
  • When Al swings his hammer at the wall trying to hit the mouse , he pulls his hand away before he swings and comes no where near hitting any part of his hand but is in pain holding his thumb. Also the sound when he hits is that of him hitting the wall and not flesh.

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