Bud on the Side is the eleventh episode of Season 11, and the 246th overall episode of Married... with Children.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Al tells Bud to lower his standards in finding women when he can't get a date. Al and Griff take off to avoid explaining to Gary why the sales have dropped 500% and still they are asking for a break room. Bud stops by and Gary finds him attractive. Al, Peg and Kelly later catch Gary trying to sneak out of Bud's room, much to Al's horror. But all is OK when she decides to build them a break room at the shoe store and install a big-screen TV and a refrigerator stocked with beer. But after a while, Bud doesn't like being treated, as a piece of meat that exists only to satisfy Gary's carnal desires. In the end, Bud rejects her proposal to marry him, claiming that he wants to keep his dignity intact - despite wearing a fake suit under his shirt. The family is dissapointed in Bud, especially Al, who won't get his breakroom. Their displeasure is cooled when they find that Gary dropped her wallet in their house. They go off to eat, leaving without Bud, as Al mocks him having his dignity...and no food.

Recurring CastEdit

Guest castEdit


When Bud walks into the shoe store the door closes behind him, but when Gary comes out of the back and catches him looking in the mirror the door is open. On the next frame the door is closed again.

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