Buck Can Do It is the fourth episode of Season 2 of Married... With Children, also the 17th overall series episode. Directed by Linda Day and written by series co-creators Ron Leavitt and Michael G. Moye, it originally aired on FOX on October 11, 1987.


Al is loath to have Buck the dog neutered despite being threatened with lawsuits from numerous neighbors regarding Buck's "nocturnal carnal activities" resulting in "stupid, ugly puppies" from their dogs. Reacting to pressure from Peggy and a bizarre dream he has involving Buck becoming upright and articulate, Al makes a decision.

Episode summaryEdit

This is the first time the Bundys' canine companion speaks, and he does so with good cause. In the second season's fourth episode, Buck has been wild thinging it all over the neighborhood, and when one irate poodle owner threatens to sue, Al decides he must have Buck neutered. Buck, understandably, is less than enthusiastic, and Al has a dream in which a "post-operative" Buck criticizes him for failing to defend the dog's vital functions.

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  • The reference of Kelly about David Lee Roth (chained to her bed) is about the album version of Women and Children First included a poster of a photograph by Helmut Newton featuring Roth chained to a fence.
  • This is the first episode in the series where Buck "speaks" to Al. Later on season 4 this would start happening in a regular way but with Buck addressing funny comments about living with the Bundy's to the audience.
  • (In a possible continuity with Season 1 Episode 3) <--- in this episode Steve tells Al that his new dog Bella bit the fence of the Bundy's house, it may be possible that Al never fixed it from the time of EP 3 to when this plot line happens in EP 17.


  • After The "Dream" Buck leaves Al to "Jason" and "Leatherface" in Al's living room, when "L.Face" pulls the cord to start his chain saw, we hear the sound of a chain saw but it is clearly not running.