And Baby Makes Money was the 11th episode of Season 5 of Married... with Children, also the 91st overall episode of the series. Directed by Gerry Cohen, and written by Art Everett, it originally aired on FOX, premiering on December 16, 1990.


Following the death and funeral of Al's uncle, Stymie Bundy, Al and Peg begin having sex so they can be the first to obtain Stymie's $500,000 inheritance by bearing a Bundy child born in wedlock. But Peg has other plans.


The eleventh episode of the fifth season sees Al for once enthusiastic about sex with Peggy, since his Uncle Stymie has set up a trust fund for the first male Bundy baby born in wedlock and named after him. Following the death and funeral of Al's bachelor uncle Stymie, Al begins having sex with Peg so they can be the first to inherit Stymie's $500,000 inheritence by bearing a Bundy child born in wedlock, that's named after him, as was his wish.

Thus, with his inheritance as incentive, Al overcomes his usual aversion to sex with Peg. The two start having sex like rabbits in order for Peg to get pregnant, but for Al, it's really hard work and it's killing him to the point where he ends up in a wheelchair with gray hair, barely able to function! He's puzzled as to why Peggy is not pregnant after months of trying and trying. Unbeknownst to him, Peg is secretly staying on the pill, to try to keep the suddenly always amorous Al interested in wanting to sex with her all the time, after having decided that no amount of money is worth going through pregnancy a third time, Much to the money grubbing Al's bitter chagrin. Once it's discovered that another Bundy got the inheritance, Al's interest in sex quickly disappears, and upon discovering that Peg had been on the pill the entire time, he quickly brings about his revenge by creating a false positive on the home pregnancy test. Peggy believes that she's pregnant and starts to cry about going through the whole baby thing again like feeding it, change it and so on.

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