A Taxing Problem is the 14th episode of Married... with Children (Season 4), also the 71st overall episodes of the series. Directed by Gerry Cohen, they are written by series creators Michael G. Moye & Ron Leavitt. The episodes both originally aired on FOX on January 14, 1990.


Al is faced with an IRS audit because of Peg. He decides to find money quick to pay of his taxes by selling Peg's hair for $5,000.

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Faced with an IRS audit following some "creative accounting" done by Peg (who claimed that she could get more money for 23 kids if claiming 2 children as dependents got them $200), Al and plots to sell Peggy's hair to a desperate woman in order to pay the owed tax money. However, Peg is not looking to give away her red hair anytime soon.

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  • Steve makes a reference that he quit his pet store job claiming that he wants to move to Yosemete National Park. This was in fact the last regular episode that David Garrison shot before his departure from the series.
  • Kelly makes a reference to an aluminum foil wrapped package in the refrigerator later identified as 'Peggy's Mystery Pack' in ep. 'My Dinner With Anthrax'.