Earl and Pearl Tot are characters who appear in the Season 11 episode of Married... with Children titled "How to Marry a Moron".

About Earl and Pearl TotEdit

When Kelly and new soon-to-be husband Lonnie are about to marry, Al. Peg, and the D'Arcys get to meet Lonnie's parents, Earl and Pearl Tot, who own Tot Industries, which makes Al's favorite snack, the Weenie Tots brand. At first excited about the prospect of marrying into money, Al and the others soon learn that the Tots are quite a randy unfaithful bunch as Lonnie, who himself has been married and divorced thrice, trys to make a pass at Marcy moments before he's to marry Kelly; he apparently gets the character flaw, as to being somewhat of a womanizer from his dad Earl, who's been married 5 times himself, and his mom Pearl also unabashedly admits that she has a boyfriend on the side!

Appearances Edit

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