Dutch 2
is the name of a 1991 released film that is so unpopular that no one is willing to own a copy of it, even when given out for free - according to Al Bundy.




In reality, Dutch is an actual film released in 1991, with Ed O'Neill portraying the titular character, Dutch Dooley. The film was a box office failure, making a US Box Office gross of $4,603,929 on a budget of 17,000,000, as well as receiving extremely poor critical reviews.

Married with Children made reference to the film's poor performance in part 1 of season 6's The England Show. During the flight from Chicago to England, the pilot comments over the speaker system that he is choking to death because of Al's foot odor and when Peg calls him out on it, he then comments "Oh, please. They show us the movie, 'Dutch' and they think I stink?"


Poster for "Dutch" shown in season 9's "Dial B for Virgin"

It is also because the film starred Ed O'Neill, that when any promotional material (such as the film's poster, or VHS cover) appeared on screen during Married... with Children was altered to at least obscure Ed O'Neill's face.  An example is season 9's Dial B for Virgin, when Peg and Al go to a video store and the poster for Dutch is shown with a sticker over Ed O'Neill's face that reads "Free Video". Peg picks ups one of the video cassettes, only to quickly put it back in disgusts.

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