MWC Kate Morrison as Dumb Alice

Kate Morrison as Alice

Dumb Alice. a ditzy, buxom blonde, appears in the Season 4 episode of Married... with Children titled "Yard Sale". The part of Alice is played by Kate Morrison.

About AliceEdit

When the Bundys hold a yard sale of all of their unwanted things, one of the few people who shows up is Alice, who poses the question to Kelly, while in a revealing low-cut, strapless sun dress, "Why do men treat me like I'm stupid?", as Kelly, who was "operating" a "Ask Winky" booth, answers, disguising her voice, '"Beats the hell out of me. They treat me that way too. Maybe it's because we're blonde!"

Anyhow, Alice winds up stealing Marcy's latest in a string of loser boyfriends, a Leisure-Suit Larry clad type named Mark.

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