Dr. Plierson is a character who appeared on the season 4 episode of Married... with Children titled "Tooth or Consequences". The part of Dr. Plierson is played in the episode by comedian/actor Joe Flaherty.

About Dr. PliersonEdit

Dr. Plierson is a recently divorced dentist who Al has to see for his teeth problems. After reeling back in fear from seeing Al's teeth, he suggests that he gives Al Novocaine and he'll have a couple of shots to make this procedure easier. He and his lovely dental assistant/mistress, T.C., (played by ex-porn star and B-movie actress Traci Lords) then both proceed to take pictures and video for future reference.

After chatting and realizing that they share the same view on women and marriage, Dr. Plierson tells Al that he seems like a good guy. He then tries to reassure Al that he has nothing to fear and that he'll try to be as gentle as possible. Just before he is about to begin, he is informed that his ex-wife and her lawyer are going to take everything he owns, including his beloved baseball cards, causing him to become very angry as he then starts to shake. As Al warns him that the Novocaine is starting to wear off, Dr. Plierson yells at him to shut up and proceeds to violently drill into Al's teeth as the patient screams in horror.


Dr. Plierson's plight of dealing with a money-grubbing ex-wife probably explained why Al never seriously considered divorcing Peg (besides the obvious fact a divorce would end the show), as Al realized divorces are problematic. However, much later in the series the concept would again be explored when Al, who has had it with Peggy and kids, seperates for some time.

Appearances Edit

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