Dina was a character who appears in the Season 10 MWC episode titled "Kiss of the Coffee Woman". The part of Dina is played by actress Karen Lynn Scott.


In the episode Kiss of the Coffee Woman, when Kelly is selected to appear in a commercial for "Romantic Roast Coffee", Bud, who poses as her agent, is asked by the director if he would be interested in playing the husband part; after he suggests Jefferson, who accompanied he and Kelly to her audition, and who then appears in the commercial with Kelly. Jefferson becomes sort of a local TV sensation, with several female admirers, which include Dina, swarm over to the Bundy house to get an autograph and perhaps a kiss from "Lance" as he appears in the commercial, or Jefferson!

When Dina and the other women happen to catch the D'Arcys at the Bundys' place, Dina, who spots Jefferson sitting on the couch says "There he is, It's Lance, Mr. Romantic-Roast-Coffee- Guy!" When Kelly responds, "But you know, I'm Mrs. Romantic-Roast-Coffee- Guy", an irritated Marcy declares, "Only on TV! I'm the real Mrs. Romantic-Roast-Coffee- Guy!

When Dina responds by saying to Marcy, "Oh, you're his mother!", Marcy, now even more angered and now offended says, "No, you twit! I'm his wife!".

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