Danica Sheridan (born April 14, 1970) appeared in three episodes of Married... with Children, as Matilda in "A Shoe Room with a View" in Season 10 and "Crimes Against Obesity" in Season 11, and as Belinda in the Season 10 episode "I Can't Believe It's Butter".


Danica attened Emerson College and The National Theatre Institute. She has been acting for many venues, including stage productions and music videos for a while but began acting for the screen in 1995 when he had a role in the movie Blanks. Since then, she has appeared in episodes of the TV series Scrubs, Nip/Tuck, Without a Trace, Everybody Hates Chris, LAX, Will & Grace, Black Scorpion, Angel, Strong Medicine, Judging Amy, Unhappily Ever After, and Married with Children. She has also appeared in the movies The Great Buck Howard, Phat Girlz, Bus Story, Alex & Emma, Manhood, Chinese Food and Donuts, Eating L.A., and Isle of Lesbos.

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