Crystal Clark was a fellow student at Trumaine University who was enlisted by Bud fo pose as the cover girl of the Girls of Trumaine calendar he created for a entrepenural studies class assignment in the Season Ten episode of Married with Children titled Calendar Girl. Crystal was played by actress Krista Allen.


When Kelly brings home a boy calendar and Bud comes up with an idea: he'll make a Girls of Trumaine calendar. Thus, he enlists the lovely Crystal. During an interview, Bud thinks that she'll ask him to marry her, even doing a pose with one knee on the ground. However, he does not know the personal secret of Crystal, that she was, in fact, a transsexual. When Crystal reveals her true gender on a local TV talk show, the shocked Bud, is crestfallen, staying in his pose for hours on end as Little Floyd Babcock, who had been constantly put down by his own father in comparison to Bud's success with the calendar, laughs at him. 

Appearances Edit

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