Colonel Van Pelt, a wealthy mogul, is a character who appears in the episode of Married... with Children titled "Al Bundy, Shoe Dick" in Season 6. The part of Colonel Van Pelt is played in the episode by veteran character actor John Randolph.

About the ColonelEdit

At the beginning of the episode "Al Bundy, Shoe Dick", a Vanessa Van Pelt (played by Traci Lords), a young buxom, leggy femme fatale who fears that her family members may interfere with her expected bequest of a priceless gem from her uncle, Colonel Van Pelt as she, thinking that Al, who was seeking a cleaning position in the office of famed PI Jack Dallas, is the private eye, seeks help from Al. When the Colonel gathers all of his immediate relatives. which he later refers to as "pond scum". to reveal who would gain ownership of "The Pharoah's Eye", a family airloom and priceless gem, he asks Al, "Who are you?". When Al responds, "I'm your worst nightmare, I'm a shoe salesman with a badge!", he the responds "No...My worst nightmare is a hooker with cold hands!".

Before Al can help, the Colonel is murdered as he is about to reveal as to who would be granted ownership of ownership of the eye as the gem also disappears; Al is left holding the knife, the murder weapon, with he being accused for the murder of the Colonel!

At episodes end, Vanessa, who said she was afraid that her uncle would put the priceless family heirloom in a museum, is revealed to have murdered her uncle and in possession of the priceless ring by "Shoe Dick" Al, before being taken away by the Chicago Police!

Appearances Edit

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