The Church of NO MA'AM was an allegedly religious group founded by the political activist group NO MA'AM. It was actually a scam by the group, who wanted to get a tax exemption. When Marcy exposed them on National television as an anti-feminist group trying to pull a scam, the opposite happened. Many men felt sympathy for Al Bundy and NO MA'AM's plights and sent them donations and becoming members. The new found national following prompted Al to become a televangelist. While on TV, he preached the idea that everything that was wrong in the world was caused by women starting when Eve gave the Apple of Eden to Adam. Al also stated they needed to get back to a time when "men were men, and women were ribs." Marcy exposed pictures of Al on television that showed him on a date with Peg and having a good time. The Church collapsed after this scandal, which was a parody of the Jimmy Swaggart situation.