Charlie Verducci is an old friend of Al Bundy on "Married...with Children", presumably from high school, and is one of the two main characters on "Top of the Heap". He is divorced, and has a son who lives with him named Vinnie Verducci, who is often used in his get rich quick schemes. His schemes include: Marrying Vinnie into a wealthy family, hustling pool from a godfather, and investing money from a loan shark in a stock. Despite constantly using Vinnie, he does have genuine affection for him. He also had Vinnie get a job at a country club, where Charlie meets a woman he falls in love with, named Alixandra Stone.
Wikia MWC - Charlie Verducci

Charlie Verducci's rendition of the "Patty Duke Show" theme

In his one "mainstream" MWC appearance ("Oldies But Young 'Uns"), Charlie is the man who has duped and robbed the Bundys in the past, a fact which Peg sees and remembers clearly, and Al chooses to overlook. The definitive tale, perhaps, comes from the Bundys' wedding, when Charlie pickpocketed a silver lighter from Peg's Mom, which he then pawned. Al offers the (to him plausible) explanation that Mom was bending over at the time, and so Charlie might have thought someone had left it in the folds of a couch. Charlie in this form is apparently an expert on old, i.e. '60s and '70s, songs, which is why Al consults him in the first place. He also managed to get Al, who is notoriously tight with money, to loan him $20 ten years earlier, so his silver-tongue doesn't only work with the ladies. He is, however, absolutely no kind of real friend, as is shown by his attempt to swipe Peg's watch, and his criticism of Vinnie for his failure to "acquire" anything during their visit.

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