Wikia MWC - Cart of Death

The Cart of Death being immortalized by the Foodies' photographer

The Cart of Death, or Cart de Death, is the shopping cart constructed by Al Bundy for use in the Foodie's millionth customer competition between the Bundys and the D'Arcys in "You Better Shop Around, Part II".


The cart was constructed by Al prior to the shopping spree contest at Foodie's, in order to ensure the Bundys win the contest by continuing the Bundy tradition: cheating. It had been made without the knowlege of Peggy, Kelly and Bud Bundy, and constructed from various parts found around the Bundy Residence. It is another example of Al's MacGyver-like abilities when something truly matters to him.

The Cart of DeathEdit

Wikia MWC - Cart last run

The Cart, controlled by Peg, on final approach

The cart itself was constructed by Al from parts of a lawn mower, the side of the Bundys house and Peggy's car. It was built to be aerodynamic with front and rear sway bars, rack and pinion steering and "genuine Ginsu-spiked attitude adjusters on the hood". Al had also built in several antipersonnel devices, which were "just for show", including a device capable of shooting an arrow on a hair trigger, which Al had dubbed the "tiebreaker". There was also a device wielding a boxing glove, which could be used to knock someone over after gaining their attention. Finally, Al had built in a small delivery system capable of squirting oil out of a hose, in order to slick the floor and prevent movement where desired. However, although used repeatedly and successfully against the D'Arcys, its ultimate victim was Al himself, who was impaled on it by Peg in her rush to the finish line, after the competition had already been won by Al. (MWC: "You Better Shop Around, Part II")

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