The bum taking pity on Al for not being able to buy his dream car

The Bum (season 4) is a character that appears at random times during a Bundy's moment of depression during season 4 of Married...with Children.

He is played by L.A. based musician Chuck E. Weiss

Appearances Edit

In "Oh, What A Feeling", as Al stares into the car dealership, the bum is outside panhandling. As he notices Al looking desperately at the car he wanted to buy, he takes pity on him and gives him a dollar.

Bum 2

The bum happy to hear what the girl would do to be a video slut

In "Rock and Roll Girl", Kelly starts feeling like she might not be slutty enough for the audition to be in the Guttercats' new music video. The bum walks in and asks for some spare change and after a moment, she convinces another girl that he's actually the drummer for the Guttercats. After whispering in his ear about what she'd do for a chance at being a video slut, he happily runs off with the girl.

In "Peggy Made a Little Lamb", after Peg finds out that she didn't graduate high school (due to failing home economics during her senior year and then not reporting to summer school), Al comes back to the house with the bum to show her that she doesn't need a diploma to be important. The bum asks for some spare change and then Al and the kids laugh at her.

Bum 3

Al laughing at Peggy and showing her what her future will be like