Brian George (born July 1, 1952) appeared as the chef of an Italian Restaurant which fed Buck and a female dog friend and then a starving Al, in the Season 5 episode titled "Look Who's Barking". Brian is a British-Israeli actor and voice actor who is probably best known for portraying Babu Bhatt on Seinfeld; he appeared in the episodes titled "The Cafe", "The Visa" and "The Finale". He has appeared in numerous television programs and feature films such as The Big Bang Theory, One Tree Hill, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Bubble Boy and many more. He has also done a range of voiceover work for animated shows such as Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Kim Possible, Invader Zim among many others. He even appeared on a special Seinfeld sidekicks edition of NBC’s game show, The Weakest Link. (Brian was voted off. In his Babu voice, Brian said that Anne Robinson [who hosted the show] was “a very bad person.” Phil Morris was that night’s strongest link.)

Selected filmographyEdit

Year(s) Production Character(s)
1991 Married... with Children Chef in episode 
1992 Quantum Leap (TV series) as Ben, Lyle Hart's Agent in episode "Moments to Live - May 4, 1985"
1992-1993 Coach (TV series) as Rami (3 episodes)
1993 Robin Hood: Men in Tights as Dungeon Maitre D'
1993-1995 The Pink Panther (TV series) as Inspector (6 episodes)
1994 Melrose Place (TV series) as Client in episode "Love, Mancini Style"
1994-1996 Weird Science (TV series) as Mr. Palate (6 episodes)
1997 Caroline in the City Mr. Tedescu
1991-1998 Seinfeld as Babu/Babu Bhrett in 3 episodes
1996-1999 Superman (TV Series) as voices of Eugene / Councilman in episodes "Unity" and "The Last Son of Krypton: Part I"
2000 The Prime Gig as Nasser
The X-Files as Project Doctor in episode "The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati"
Keeping The Faith Paulie Chopra
Star Trek: Voyager (TV Series) Ambassador O'Zaal in episode "Drive"
2001 Bubble Boy Push Pop
The Chris Isaak Show (TV Series) Dr. Ramu Banerjee
2001-2004 Lloyd in Space Station
2002-07 Kim Possible Duff Killigan
2003-07 That's So Raven Dr. Sleevemore
2006 Crumbs (TV series) Dry Cleaner
2007 The 4400 (TV Series) as Claudio Borghi in episode "The Starzi Mutation"
2010 Phineas and Ferb Uncle Sabu
2013 DuckTales Remastered Flintheart Glomgold
Disney INFINITY Hector Barbossa
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Old Prisoner

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