Brenda Kostrowski is a character who appears only in the Season 5 episode of Married... with Children titled "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?". The part of Brenda is played by actress Rhonda Shear.

About BrendaEdit

In "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy", Brenda, the sexy new neighbor, drops by to as Peg if she could borrow the services of Al, whom she saw mowing the Bundy lawn, to move her piano. When Brenda reveals what the neighbors say of them, being the Bundys, she tells them, not realizing that they are the Bundys, reveals "the say the husband will steal your paper, stalk your pets and eat your garbage!" with Al responding "Hey, half a potato is not garbage!" Puffed up now because of the admiration of Brenda, who thinks he's a "big stud", Al then starts actually taking showers, wearing cologne and designer clothes to work, gaining new found admiration from all types of women, particularly really sexy ones, who drop by not only to buy shoes, but to check him out, much to the disbelief of the family!

Appearances Edit

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